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Hello world, Can you guess what this post is about? Let me give you a little hint. It’s about FOOD! We can all relate with the one thing and that’s delicious and tasty meals. I got the chance to visit a few restaurants in Sharjah Sheraton Beach Resort & Spa. (@SheratonSharjah) . The two restaurants… Continue reading ARJWAN & MARASEA (SHERATON SHARJAH)



Hello world! Don’t you all just love fashion? or pretty dresses? or heels? Donatello Versace once said fashion is all about happiness. It’s fun. It’s important. But it’s not medicine. So while we can all obbsess over beautiful clothes and shoes to make us feel better, remember it’s not  permanent. Or maybe it is…… just kidding.… Continue reading JEGGINGS OR SECOND SKIN?